Cold War East Berlin

Gone With The Flow

Once it was fear of the Soviet Union today it is angst over China and, with the recent sale of its spinout Flusso to Chinese investors, Cambridge University’s loyalties are again called into question […]


A Dark Line On The Cambridge Horizon

Britain’s participation in an EU Horizon ‘Lite’ research program is being described by some as a no-brainer. For the EU certainly, but for Cambridge University perhaps not. […]


AI – Back To The Virtual Future

Some of us could see this coming from a long way off. Thirty years ago we warned there might be the odd black hole in Cyberspace (what we called the Internet in the 1990s). Had we foreseen the emergence from this virtual world of a company with the size and reach of Google we would have assumed this, rather than its AI software, was the existential threat. […]