What has happened to our food? It used to be so simple, but now we need a degree in human physiology just to do our weekly shop. Why is the nutritional information on a packet of biscuits more complicated than the user guide for an iPhone? Food manufacturers are concerned enough about the low nutritional worth of their products to put warning labels on them; so why not stop selling them all together? Emma, the lead character in Susan Krueger’s book, rarely gives these questions a second thought. Today, however, she finds herself wrestling with a year’s worth of food-related health scares in the space of one afternoon. She is left wondering if the entire food supply chain is dysfunctional, all the way from the field to the plate, and this is why she is overweight. Or perhaps, as some people are suggesting, the problem lies in the last 12 inches, between the plate and her mouth. Is it Emma’s fault alone she is piling on the pounds? This book is a unique and entertaining take on the problem we have with food.

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