CeBit 92

CeBIT usually opened shortly after the Which Computer Show in Birmingham closed. A 40-ton truck is the largest vehicle you could drive without a HGV licence. So, a chance to indulge my fantasy of being a long-distance lorry driver and transport our stand and equipment to and from the Birmingham NEC. I was not brave enough, though, to do the same for the Hannover trip, so we would recruit a driver. It was while driving south on the M1 that the snow turned from intermittent flurries into a pebble-dashed windscreen storm. It took two hours to complete the last thirty miles back to Cambridgeshire, where we left the truck parked outside my house.

The truck set off for Hannover four hours late; it took that long for the crane to lift it out of the ditch …

… (An extract from The Ghost in the Labyrinth by Peter Kruger)

Hannover, Snow and Ice

In 1987 my father travelled with me to help set up the stand. He would rather be somewhere else in Germany, in fact anywhere else in Germany, but ended up trapped by the weather in [...]