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The next morning at Mettingstrasse, I mentioned the travel information system to Rainer, explaining that Digithurst UK was trying to get into the point of sale market. He took me to Hans’ office and showed me a demonstration of an image database similar to the one I saw the previous afternoon. Actually, ‘PictureBook,’ the name Hans had given the software, was being used for that beta system at Hannover airport. After five weeks without a holiday, most Germans were desperately in need of a break and didn’t much care where they went, so long as it was hot. The holiday ‘vending machine’ let the customer choose the destination at the airport – incredibly What PictureBook had, but our estate agent system did not, was an architecture based on hyperlinking, the technology which, in later years, became a fundamental component of the World Wide Web …

… (An extract from The Ghost in the Labyrinth by Peter Kruger)

Just Browsing

Picturebook was designed by Hans Rose as an image database for use in applications such as marketing last minute travel deals at airports. Later AI functionality was added. The software had both a browse and [...]