Heat Pumps and Passive Solar Heating

This is a proof-of-concept project which began in 2008. The aim is to use relatively low-cost renewable energy technology to reduce the cost of heating and carbon footprint of a house built in the 1970s.

The first phase involved reducing heat loss by adding additional insulation.

Next heat the solar gain of the property was increased and managed by adding a conservatory to capture heat which was fed, via a solar chimney on the side of the house, into the loft space from were it was distributed throughout the house via a ducted heating system.

During third (current) phase low-cost heat pump technology will be used to heat air for distribution throughout the house during periods when there is minimal solar gain.

Solar panels and a battery storage system are being installed to provide electricity for the heat pump.

Ultimately it is intended to use very basic geothermal technology to provide a feed of relatively warm air that will improve the efficiency and performance of the heat pumps external unit.