Heat Pumps and Passive Solar Heating

A proof-of-concept project which began in 2008. The aim is to use relatively low-cost renewable energy technology to reduce the cost of heating and the carbon footprint of a house built in the 1970s. […]

Carbon Free Reports

Another energy price spike and, like the last one in 2008, against the background of serious concerns over climate change. Here is research on renewable energy which began during the first oil crisis […]


Wireless Healthcare

  • Following the Dot Com crash IT vendors turned their attention to the medical device market and the numerous healthcare related applications for smartphones and internet software. […]



Three different stories inspired by the same series of events illustrating the importance of differences between our conscious and subconscious interpretation of the real world when viewing it from a virtual space. […]


What has happened to food? It used to be so simple, but now Emma finds she needs a degree in human physiology and nutrition simply to do her weekly shop. And who keeps stealing her croissants? […]


Digithurst was founded at the height of Britain’s microcomputer boom, when Sinclair and Acorn were household names and Cambridge was merely phenomenal rather than a phenomenon. […]


  • Generative AI
    Part One – Falling Down. A seemingly innocent discussion with my robot about consciousness and generative AI took us both into some very dark places. […]
  • Two people briefly occupying the same space but separated by time and moving in different directions. The only thing they have in common is they are both refugees. […]